Careful Attention”

In early 2023, Christopher Dela Pole, a Graduate Student at The School of Architecture (Taliesin), contacted SNAPP® screen seeking assistance with his Graduate project. He needed to attach screen mesh to a fabricated structure but, the attachment method had to function with various sized odd shape openings, some of which projected inwards as well as outwards, and be able to withstand the strong desert winds. SNAPP® screen was the obvious recommendation.

SNAPP® screen has the inherent ability to adapt to unlimited shapes, sizes, angles, and installation plains. This extremely unique use clearly demonstrates just how adaptive SNAPP® screen is.

One other interesting tidbit - Christopher had no prior screening experience. This was his first time using SNAPP® screen and his first-time installing screen material. It really is that easy to install screen with SNAPP® screen.

Careful Attention” is considered a proof of concept on a 1:1 scale in tandem with a written thesis.

What is it actually? It's essentially a quiet space for contemplation and meditation that activates and situates attention aligning it to its present context and conditions. Or, in other words, its art, sculpture, conceptual architecture etc.

“Careful Attention” – Preview

“Careful Attention” – Final

The School of Architecture press release:

“Careful Attention” is currently on view at:
Cattle Track Arts Compound
6105 N CattleTrack Road
Scottsdale, Arizona 85250