Beachfront & Shoreline Screen Porches

Maintaining a beachfront home is always going to be at a higher cost and more involved than that of an inland dwelling simply due to the environmental factors these homes are constantly exposed to.

Corrosion from salt air exposure is a never-ending maintenance issue that effects not only those homes with direct water views, but also those structures located up to 1 mile inland of the ocean.

screenporch-9786Care should always be taken to use products and materials that can best withstand, or at least slow the decay of your homes beauty and structural integrity while reducing your maintenance needs. Weatherproof paints and finishes on the property’s exterior, proper stainless-steel fixtures and fittings, as well as PVC and composite moldings and trim, for example, will help against the relentless corrosive effects of the environment.

The same is true when the time comes to screen in your shoreline or beachfront porch, patio or deck - PVC SNAPP® screen should be your first choice. The same superior quality as our famous extruded aluminum SNAPP® screen but in a UV stable, solid color PVC extrusion which is far more suitable for shoreline and beachfront screen porch applications.

Follow all standard INSTALLATION instructions and videos, use our color matching 18-8 stainless steel installation screws, and select one of our superior polyester SCREEN MATERIALS and you’ll have installed a corrosion resistant screen porch that will provide many many years of enjoyment.

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