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The most commonly asked questions

(all answers provided below are available within, SNAPP® Screen web store, SNAPP® Screen product line specification sheet, as well as in our Standard Policies)

"What is the largest opening that can be screened with SNAPP® Screen ?"

Other than the availability of screen material, and your own ability, there is no limitation on opening size when using ALUMINUM SNAPP® Screen. While larger installations have been performed, 110 SF is the maximum recommended size for PVC SNAPP® Screen.

Be practical in design - just because a massive opening can be screened doesn’t always mean it should be. Keep your application, exposure, potential abuse, climate, etc. in mind.

"My openings require extrusions longer than the stock 94" lengths"
"Why are extrusions not available in 96" lengths ... or longer ?"

One of the greatest features of SNAPP® Screen is that it's specifically designed to be butted together. Opening width or height doesn't matter with respect to stock extrusion size ... just cut the extrusion as needed and butt pieces together. SNAPP® Screen is a zero waste product so every inch of product is usable. 94" is also the most efficient length for shipping and does not incur any extreme length charges now imposed by all shippers.

"What screen or other materials can be used with SNAPP® Screen ?"

SNAPP® Screen was specifically designed to be used with modern and super strong polyester materials like our "Pool & Patio" screen and our "No-See-Um" screen. SNAPP® Screen will also accept all standard polyester and fiberglass screening materials, most sunshade materials, thin (.008 or less) PVC plastic or films, and other fabrics. Additionally, while standard .011g (or thinner) aluminum can be installed, it is not at all recommended ... Installation can be extremely difficult. Bronze, copper, stainless, etc are all too stiff and should be avoided completely. Stick with modern polyester materials - they're far stronger, take more abuse, and last longer.

"I have spline and / or a spline tool, can I use it with SNAPP® Screen ?"
"My local home center sells spline and / or spline tools, can I use it with SNAPP® Screen ?"

Spline is available in over 50 different styles, sizes and shapes and no 2 are the same. The same is true for spline tools;  dozens of different styles, sizes and shapes and no 2 are the same. SNAPP® Screen, like all other systems, is designed for a specific size, shape and style of spline and is designed to be installed using a specific size, shape and style of tool. Home centers typically have a very limited supply of spline and tools and generally will only sell the most commonly requested accessories or the accessories for their stock product lines. Odds are very slim that you'll find the proper spline or correct size tool in your local home center. Save yourself a lot of aggravation - purchase spline and tool with your order.

"Which is better - Aluminum or PVC SNAPP® Screen ?"

No easy way to answer this common question since both products work extremely well. While extruded aluminum is obvisouly far superior to extruded PVC, application, location, budget, etc. all play into selecting the best material for your project. Rest assured, no matter which product is chosen, SNAPP® Screen will perform exactly as we describe.

Standard recommendations:
If your opening is over 110 SF: Use aluminum SNAPP® Screen
If you reside in a shoreline location: Use PVC SNAPP® Screen
If you reside in an area prone to extreme, extended freezing conditions: Use aluminum SNAPP® Screen
If you have an arch: Use PVC SNAPP® Screen for the arch

"I don't see any doors offered with SNAPP® Screen?"

Doors require freight shipping - which is very costly. Best options are to either purchase a good quality door locally or build your own 5/4 door and screen with SNAPP® Screen. We presently have KD (knock down) slab doors in testing (which will be able to ship by standard FedEx Ground) but these will not be available for several more months. When available, they will be obvisouly detailed within the web site.

"Where can I find pricing ?"

All pricing is online. Simply click the "BUY NOW" link at the top or bottom of any page.

"How can I get a price quote ?" 

We do not provide quotes ... all pricing is available online. (Simply click the "BUY NOW" link at the top or bottom of any page) If you need help calculating materials or figuring a project cost please see "Step 1: Determining the materials you'll need to order" on the"INSTALLATION"page. A video and worksheet are provided that will walk you through calculating materials and placing your order in our web store.

"What stores carry SNAPP® Screen ?"
"How can I purchase SNAPP® Screen ?"

Currently, SNAPP® Screen is only available from select regional dealers or direct though our internet store. Simply click the "BUY NOW" link at the top or bottom of any page.

"Can I place my order by phone, mail, fax, etc.  ?"

No, orders are placed in our WEB STORE only. Orders are not accepted by phone, mail, email, etc.

"Do you offer expedited shipping ?"
"Will you ship by UPS or other shipper ?"
"Can I pick up my order ?"

All orders ship by Standard FedEx Ground service only - no other service is available. Will call (order pick up) is not offered at any of our warehouses.

"How long will it take to receive my order ?"

Orders are normally processed and ship within 2 BUSINESS days. Standard transit times can be between 1 and 5 BUSINESS days depending upon your location and shipping warehouse. From date of order placement (Day 0), orders normally take from 3 to 7 BUSINESS days to receive all packages. As a general rule - and as a point of common sense - never plan or schedule an installation until all packages have been physically delivered.

"How can I request / qualify for wholesale pricing ?"

Easy, see our WHOLESALE page for complete details.

"How do I get a SNAPP® Screen sample ?"

Our standard sample pack is available free of charge. Simply email and provide your complete mailing address as shown below. (we will not send samples to incomplete addresses and/or addresses rejected by USPS address verification software)

First Name, Last Name
Full Street Address (with Building, Unit, Apt, Suite, etc. - if needed)
City, State, Zip

For more information on ordering, lead times, order processing,
sales policies, etc. please see the SNAPP® Screen web store
Standard Policies, Terms and Conditions

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