Gazebo Screens


Decks and patios are the most common backyard structures, but a gazebo can provide the best of both worlds. Gazebos are an easy way to extend your home’s living space into the outdoors. They also add an extra aesthetic dimension to your property and change a typical dull yard into useful space.

Gazebos can range from simple 2-person romantic structures adding charm to a garden area, to those equipped with outdoor kitchens for gathering and entertaining, while others are massive public structures used for bands and large crowds.

Traditionally, gazebos tend to be hexagonal or octagonal, but other shapes are now becoming ever more popular including square, rectangle, decagonal, and even dodecagonal. There is no minimum or maximum size for gazebos either. (squares, rectangles are technically pavilions but are included here)

A gazebo on your deck, patio, or simply in your yard, will offer endless function and style to your outdoor living area no matter how you choose to use it. Of course, with any outdoor activity, especially those at night, pesky insects can ruin any gathering or lazy restful period if your gazebo doesn't have screens.

Instead of accepting bug bites, simply screen in your gazebo ... and it isn't as hard as you might think. A DIY’er with basic skills can install SNAPP Screen into almost any gazebo with little or no modification.

Screening your Gazebo

Gazebo roof support columns are typically at odd angles which makes screen installation difficult or impossible using most screening products. SNAPP® screen though, was specifically designed with gazebo screening in mind.

Our retention design allows for odd angle installation plus we’ve included a radius edge that allows screen to ride over the extrusion without damaging the screen. As the detail shows, you can install “wedges” during construction if you’d like, or simply install the screening extrusion as designed.

Select the opening which will hold your door(s) and frame as required. After that, simply follow all other standard INSTALLATION instructions. Just to show the adaptability of SNAPP® screen, the two photos below are close-up views of an upper and lower corner (typical for all side of this project). Note how - on this particular project - the verticals (uprights) are installed “around the opening” - without “wedges” - while the horizontals (top and base) are mounted “inside the opening”.

DeWayne from TX was nice enough to send us a video of his large DIY gazebo project.