porch screen product installed by builders and contractors

Builders and contractors rely on sourcing the best materials for any job – materials that are affordable but also high quality in order to ensure the longevity and durability of their finished product. This affordability and quality directly contribute to the satisfaction of customers through more competitive pricing and a result that meets or exceeds their expectations. 

Screened porches, therefore, require the careful selection of materials, but while you may initially expect a sacrifice of either quality or price at the expense of the other, this is, fortunately, no longer the case. SNAPP® screen by Screen Porch has helped countless builders and contractors make the finest screened porches for their clients with a product that saves both time and money. In this article, we provide a comprehensive overview of SNAPP® screen, including why this technology is the best screen product in 2024. 

What The Best Builders and Contractors Look For

In the construction business, reputation and customer satisfaction are key to continued growth – to do so, builders and contractors must demonstrate their ability to create structures that will leave customers elated that they chose their company over others. Beyond the internal skill and training that is naturally required for such a result, builders and contractors also need building materials that can live up to the quality that they promise and stand the test of time. Furthermore, they need a consistent and reliable inventory of these materials to meet project demand and timelines, and they need the materials to be affordable so that they can bid for projects with a competitive price. 

Nothing kills a project like missing deadlines or hikes in cost, and screened porches are no exception. With homes and businesses that can have random variances in their existing porch structures or are located in regions with highly varying weather, builders and contractors are always seeking ways to ensure stability and reliability in their processes. Saving time and money is key, but quality can never be sacrificed – what possible porch screen products can meet these demands?

What Type of Porch Products to Avoid 

Similarly to the above, contractors and builders should always seek to avoid certain products when sourcing their material for a screened porch. We recommend steering clear of products that are especially complex, requiring multiple components and multiple steps in order to successfully install. Screen products that have, for example, various temperature restrictions, extra caps and covers that require cutting, expanders and adapters, additional corner pieces, and directions that are not straightforward will only cause time and money to be wasted in the long run. 

What is SNAPP® Screen? 

SNAPP® screen is an ideal product for builders and contractors seeking the highest quality screen products that will save them time and money. SNAPP® screen is a patented (US 8,484,926) screening solution that is the perfect choice for any screen porch, patio, or deck screening project as well as an unlimited array of other specialized screening applications. The best part about this single-part solution is that as long as you can attach the SNAPP® screen extrusion, you can easily, quickly, and simply screen any opening. 

SNAPP® screen is made from start to finish in the United States with U.S. and North American-sourced materials. It can be used for porches, patios, boats, hotels, gazebos, playhouses, insectariums, restaurants, laboratories, schools, vent systems, cafeterias, and more – if something needs a screened cover, SNAPP® screen is the solution. 

What are the Benefits of SNAPP® Screen? 

SNAPP® screen has a plethora of benefits that make it the perfect choice for projects that require screens of any size, including: 

  • Quick and easy installation
  • One-piece screening solution
  • No cold temperature restrictions
  • No caps or covers to cut
  • No caps to hammer in place
  • No expanders or adapters to install
  • No corners to install
  • No secondary parts to install
  • Fits any shape opening (arches, circles, triangles, trapezoids, squares, rectangles, and more)
  • No special tools or equipment required
  • No training or special skills required

Wherever you are in the world and whatever size or design of the project, SNAPP® screen is the highest quality screen material available – it will save your team extensive amounts of time and, therein, a significant amount of money. We’re so confident that you’ll love our product that we offer a free sample kit to prove it to you!

How to Install SNAPP® Screen

Installing SNAPP® screen is quick and easy, guaranteed to save builders and contractors time and money when it comes to screening any structure. SNAPP® screen is a single component – simply cut the extrusion to the appropriate size, mount the extrusion in the desired place, and simply roll in the screen. Just like that, the job is done. SNAPP® screen is easy to repair and maintain too. All one has to do is pull out the spline and screen and install a new screen. 

SNAPP® screen easily attaches to your structure or any prefabricated frame, and the screen porch openings themselves don’t even need to be square, plumb, or level. 

Secure Customer Satisfaction with SNAPP® Screen! 

SNAPP® screen is the top choice when it comes to porch screen products. You are guaranteed to save time and money, rather than wasting time on a screen product with multiple components and installation steps. There’s a reason why our clients love working with us – contact the screening experts at Screen Porch with any questions or to get started with SNAPP® screen right away!