a restaurant with a porch screen and modern, wood flooring and furniture

Should Restaurants Invest in Porch Screens?

Year after year, more and more venues are transforming their outdoor areas to meet the demand for alfresco drinking and dining. From breweries and bars to year-round fine dining, the most successful restaurants are the ones that cater to patrons of all types and interests, including those with a preference for the outdoors. Whether a screened porch has already been on your restaurant’s radar or if you’ve never considered the potential benefits, what follows is a comprehensive guide to porch screens and their implementation into the commercial dining experience. From the screening experts at Screen Porch, here’s why every restaurant should consider investing in porch screens.  What is a Screened… Read More

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porch screen product installed by builders and contractors

The Best Screen Product for Builders and Contractors in 2024

Builders and contractors rely on sourcing the best materials for any job – materials that are affordable but also high quality in order to ensure the longevity and durability of their finished product. This affordability and quality directly contribute to the satisfaction of customers through more competitive pricing and a result that meets or exceeds their expectations.  Screened porches, therefore, require the careful selection of materials, but while you may initially expect a sacrifice of either quality or price at the expense of the other, this is, fortunately, no longer the case. SNAPP® screen by Screen Porch has helped countless builders and contractors make the finest screened porches for their… Read More

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